About Us

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My Story

I am Elena Crandell, Owner of Love Your Skin Beauty. I am known for having a heart of compassion, a passion for fashion, and a nurturing spirit…hence the name "Love Your Skin Beauty,” which suggests the embracing of who you were created to be; a complex, beautiful human being.

My Philosophy

When we love the skin we are in, health and beauty are restored and everything we hope to accomplish comes more easily.

Over time, I’ve discovered that I have an unconventional desire to treating skin and what really gets me excited is knowing that I can offer my clients an effective approach concerning skin challenges by creating simple strategies based on education, powerful professional treatments, and effective home-care regimens.

My Specializations

I am a dedicated Esthetician and have acquired over 30 professional training certifications. I have also earned Expert Status with Dermalogica’s International Dermal Institute and am honored to be partnered and educated by Dave Waggoner, Director of Education and Lisa VanBockern Owner and Creator of Skin Script Skincare as well as Michael Q. Pugliese, CEO of Circadia Skincare by Dr. Pugliese.

My Commitment

I will be forever pushing the limits of what is possible in effective skin care treatments and incorporate the best and most effective methods and technologies at re-aligning skin function. My promise to you is to provide you education and the most effective strategies available in our industry, while always honoring your skin as the complex, intelligent, vital, largest living organ of the body that it is.

Let Your Journey Begin!