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What is Medical Microneedling?

Medical Microneeding is a new concept in skin rejuvenation treatments and stimulates the skin to induce collagen production and regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger looking skin. Microneedling restores aged skin by stimulating the natural induction of collagen (much like during laser surgeries or peeling) increasing skin thickness by about 8%. Plus there are almost no side effects, making it the ideal anti-ageing skincare solution of the next generation. Advanced medical microneedling is a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. It is the ultimate treatment for non-surgical and non ablative treatment of various skin conditions.

Benefits of Microneedling

  • Safe for every skin type

  • Natural skin rejuvenation

  • Minimal downtime

  • Promote collagen production & cellular renewal

  • Resurfaces the skin without chemicals or lasers

  • Doesn’t generate hyperpigmentation

  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven

How Does Microneedling Work?

During a Microneedling treatment, we use a small hand held device, equipped with high-grade surgical needles to create microscopic holes in the skin. The body responds to these micro “injuries” by triggering its healing mechanisms to regenerate skin cells, release growth factors, and produce collagen and elastin. These responses however, do more than just heal the skin, and actually leave your skin looking more youthful and healthy.

Does It Hurt?

Microneedling is a relatively painless procedure.  Prior to treatment, a numbing cream is applied to make the process more comfortable, although some individuals may experience a little discomfort.

To minimize pain before your procedure do the following:

  1. Avoid using any products on your skin that increase sensitivity, such as retinoids or exfoliants.

  2. Avoid laser procedures or overexposure to the sun before treatment. This can damage the skin and increase sensitivity.

  3. Don’t shave, wax, or use depilatories before the procedure. This can lead to an increase in skin sensitivity.

How Much Does It Cost?

Micro-Needling is an affordable treatment, but individual factors might influence each person’s exact Micro-Needling cost. During your free consultation, we will inform you in detail and create a custom treatment plan to suit your goals and budget.  

How long will the effects of the Fibroblast treatment last?

The results of the Fibroblast treatment are permanent up to 3 years. But, we should acknowledge that the aging process is continuous and the skin ages every day after the procedure. This cannot be stopped. The results of this method are somewhat permanent, but when we talk about mimic facial lines, (worry lines), these may recur quickly because muscles are stronger than the skin and, consequently, the lines recur. Average results last from 2 to 4 years.

Downtime and Aftercare

Post treatment, you may experience skin redness and swelling similar to mild sunburn. These symptoms do not often last more than 72 hours, although individual experiences may vary. During a free consultation, we will review aftercare instructions, so that you’ll know what to expect following your treatment.

Side Effects and Risks

While Microneedling is a safe, effective procedure, there are some potential risks and side effects. These include:

  1. Skin redness, also called erythema

  2. Skin irritation

  3. Skin inflammation

  4. Dry skin

  5. Hyperpigmentation

  6. Hypersensitivity

  7. Acne flareups

  8. Herpes flareups

  9. Infections

It’s normal to have some skin redness and inflammation after the procedure.

For some people, the inflammation can lead to hyperpigmentation and flare-ups of other conditions, such as acne and herpes. However, the majority of people who undergo Micro-needling do not experience any of these issues.


​We offer bundle packages with discounted rates for series of treatments. Inquire for details.

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