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Meet Elena, Your Advocate For Beautiful Skin

Hello, I am honored to have you visit my website and hope to meet you in person soon! I am a Colombian native and also a proud and thankful US citizen for the past 34 years. You may not know this, but Colombia is the pioneer of innovative beautification treatments, so helping you look more beautiful is in my DNA!


I am blessed with three wonderful adult daughters and have a strong faith in God. I am super passionate about helping you feel better, look fabulous and be more confident by empowering you with education and manageable action steps that will you help hit your health and beautification goals.


My professional goal is to improve the long-term health of your skin. I believe that when you give love to your skin, health and beauty are restored and everything you hope to accomplish comes more easily.

What fuels my work are the day-to-day exchanges with my clients who come to me with a need and walk out with a renewed sense of confidence and a love for the sk