Trifecta Body Shaping

What is Trifecta Body Shaping?

Love Your Skin Beauty offers cutting-edge treatments that allow you to reshape your body and regain your figure, with leading technology. 

Our TRI-fecta body sculpting system is an exclusive service at Love Your Skin Beauty.  We’ve combined Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Therapy into ONE simple package to help you achieve your body goals faster, easier and more effectively.  This all-inclusive treatment  is non-invasive, pain-free, affordable and  a much better alternative to  surgery.

We at Love Your Skin Beauty are committed to helping you reduce stubborn fatty pockets that aren’t going away with regular exercise and diet.  We would be happy to offer you a personalized treatment so you can reshape your body and get that confident look back. Our customers at Love Your Skin Beauty have found this non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to deliver results.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!
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Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy

Ultrasonic Cavitation, also known as body contouring, is a new non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal procedure that allows you to reshape your body and restore a more proportionate figure. It’s one of the most advanced techniques for cellulite reduction in today’s market.

When diet changes or continued exercise doesn’t seem to yield the desired results, Ultrasonic Cavitation is a great solution. 

How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure based on low-frequency sound waves, which target unwanted fat tissue.  During the Ultrasonic Cavitation session, we will target the unwanted fat cells using an ultrasound device, without causing any other damage to the surrounding organs or body tissues. No anesthesia is required. Patients may experience some warmth during the procedure.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Benefits

  • Dilute compact fat
  • Treatment both for men and women
  • Cavitation economic treatment
  • Eliminate inches of fat quickly and naturally
  • Reaffirm and shape the body
  • Reduce cellulite and stretch marks
  • Decrease localized adiposity

What are the negative effects of a Ultrasound Cavitation?

The known side effects of Ultrasound Cavitation are minimal, compared to surgical liposuction. For most people, the treatment is painless and doesn’t require any recovery time. You may experience temporary short term skin sensitivity, mild bruising, fluid build-up, or blisters where the transducer was used.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Therapy

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening refers to an aesthetic technique whereby the heating of tissues using RF energy takes place. Eventually, the process stimulates subdermal collagen production to lessen the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.

How does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening work?

The Radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue, where the collagen fibers and fat cells drain then shrink, while those all-important fibroblast cells are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. The effect of this is tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. Fat cells are reduced and stubborn cellulite looks a lot less noticeable.

What are some of the benefits of radiofrequency?

  • Skin Tightening - As you age, lines and wrinkles are likely to develop on your face as well as on other body parts. Radiofrequency treatments can improve the look of your skin by working on the sculpting soft tissues, which are situated, within the layers of your skin. The radio frequency waves trigger the collagen tissues to produce the healing effect.
  • Offering a smoothing effect to patients that undergo the liposuction process - Most people that undergo a liposuction treatment procedure end up having noticeable bumps on their skin. However, courtesy of radio frequency treatment, these bumps can be eliminated altogether.
  • Decreasing the percentage of your body fats - Through the heat generated by RF waves, the fat in your body will melt and eventually drain into your body for removal.
  • Reducing Cellulite - According to studies, show that radio frequency treatments can significantly reduce cellulite; this is possible since the RF treatment can eliminate excessive fatty tissues. 

What are the negative effects of a radiofrequency?

The most common, rare side effects are mild pain, swelling, redness, or temporary pink blotches.

What is Vacuum Therapy and how does it work?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive procedure that pulls the surface tissue using a mechanical device equipped with suction cups to break down fat and loosen water and toxins, allowing the lymphatic system to drain it all away. It also improves the circulation in the area being treated. When blood flow is stimulated and lymphatic drainage is facilitated, the texture and tone are improved.  Vacuum therapy also helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity to smooth out wrinkles and unwanted dimples on the thighs, stomach and buttocks. 

What are the negative effects of a Vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure, so you can expect few to no side effects. However, you may feel  slight pain, tightness, swelling or temporary bruising can occur after the procedure.

How many sessions are needed?

When it comes to treatment frequency for this procedure, we recommend 8 to 12 sessions of treatment spaced 2 weeks apart. Understand that this is a treatment process and, though you can see some results following your first ultrasonic cavitation treatment, a series of treatments are required for best results. 

Who should choose our TRI-fecta system?

Anyone looking to support their fitness efforts by breaking and eliminating unwanted body fat from resistant areas such as love handles, stomach, abdomen, upper arms, flanks, legs, buttocks, saddlebags, and inner knees. If you’re bothered by the appearance of excess body fat around these areas, this may be the right treatment option for you.

By removing unwanted fat tissues, our devices help to improve cellulite appearance, skin texture, lymph, and blood circulation and enhances body contouring and shaping.  It’s, however, important to note that ultrasonic cavitation is NOT recommended to individuals with severe bleeding tendencies, heart disease, acute illness, pacemakers, during pregnancy, and comprised liver function.

Recommendations for better results

  • You will achieve better results if you supplement your  treatment with a balanced diet and physical activity.
  • For the duration of your treatment, drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins, avoid processed sugar and alcohol, move your body regularly to activate the lymphatic system, get draining massages, and do exercise to tone the muscles.

Benefits versus Plastic Surgery

  • No need for recovery days
  • Inexpensive in comparison
  • No injections
  • No risky surgeries
  • No bleeding
  • No inflammation
  • No pain
  • No scars


We offer bundle packages with discounted rates for series of treatments. Inquire for details.
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